Internet Based Assessment Project
2002 - 2004

In order to publish your assessment to the 'live' webserver you must first go through the steps oulined below.

1. Preparing your assessment

1.1. Check carefully that your assessment is working to your satisfaction. Do not try to publish an
assessment without first publish it to the testserver as oulined in the workshop tutorial document. Confirm
the whole chain by running your assessment as a participant, then using the reporter, check the result.

1.2 Check that your assessment, topics and graphics follows the naming convention also found in the document.
The naming convention leads to a name prefix which identifies your files (ex. prefix = ulfj_tfea03_ac).

1.3 Prepare the Qpack file, name it <prefix>.qpack (ex. ulfj_tfea03_ac.qpack ). Place the file on your desktop.

Note! Check that the size of your Qpack file is less than 1Mb (1000 kB), otherwise some mailservers
rejects to send the file

If your Qpack-file is larger than 1 Mb, send a mail to stating your problem!

2. Request for web publish

2.1 The next step is to fill in a form with details concerning the publish. If you are familiar with the process
you can go directly to the request form. Otherwise goto the instructions for filling in the form.

Go to the request form.