Internet-Based Assessment 2002 - 2004

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David Hamilton, Project Coordinator

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Curriculum Vitae

Recent Publications

Delivering deliverance. In Anne Edwards, Peter Gilroy, David Hartley (eds) Rethinking Teacher Education. London: Falmer (2002), pp. 135-144.

'Noisy fallible and biased though it be' (on the vagaries of educational research). British Journal of Educational Studies, 2002, 50 (1) 144-164.

Preface to Nicholas Beattie, Freinet in his World: Versions of educational progressivism in France, Italy and Germany 1920-2000. Lampeter, Wales: Edwin Mellen Press (forthcoming, 2002).

From Dialectic to Didactic (with curriculum and textbooks in mind). Paradigm
(Journal of the Textbook Colloquium), vol 2 (5), 15-24, 2002.

Working and conference papers

Beyond the killer application: teaching and learning in the reform of higher education in Sweden (Nordisk förening för pedagogisk forskning conference, Tallin, March 2002)

Bringing quality back into teaching (Contribution to a book with the provisional title: What has quality to do with schools?)

Instruction in the making: Peter Ramus and the beginnings of modern schooling (paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Convention, Chicago, April 21-25, 2003)

Writing unbound: Bridging text and context in the history of education (Paper presented at the conference on Pedagogik-historisk forskning, Lärarhögskolan i Stockholm, 25-27 September 2003)

Beyond a technology of salvation, Essay review of
Curriculum Visions by William Doll & Noel Gough (Lang, 2002)

When does a 'house of studies' become a 'school'?: a comment on the Jesuits and the beginnings of modern schooling (paper presented at the English History of Education Conference, Cambridge, 2003)

Unpublished papers

'The revival of learning' (paper given in Brazil, March 2001, published in Portuguese)

Teaching materials

Finding a voice in academic writing (1996)

Writin' and Reportin' with Rigour (a bibliography, constantly updated)


More than a hasty affair: doctoral Studies in Sweden (2001)

Time and tradition: resolving tensions in the organisation
of doctoral training in Sweden
(to appear in Nordisk Pedagogic, 2003)

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