File naming convention used in the IBA-project.

One drawback with the Perception software is that in a multiuser environment,
all resource files are placed in the same folder on the webserver. The same also
holds for Topics and Assessments.

Therefore, it is of most importance that each author assign names to his/hers
files so that they could easily be separated from others. In a worst case
scenario, graphic or other type of files could be overwritten accidentally.

The adopted file naming convention in the IBA-project follows the guidelines
recommended by Questin Mark Ltd.

Naming convention

Topics, assessments, graphics, hotspot etc. files should be named as follows:


As an example, an assessment is given in the analog electronics course with
code TFEA03. The author is Ulf Jonsson and the questions in the test
deals with the alternating current subject.

The name of the Topic would be:


The assessment and the related Qpack files are named accordingly.
An image picturing a coil could be named ulfj_tfea03_ac-coil.jpg